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If I Were the Teacher...A Book About Class Rules
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Lillie is excited to start school, but there is one tiny problem-Lillie does not like rules. As Lillie imagines what school would be like without any rules, she learns that some rules are necessary to keep us safe and help us learn. This book is a great story to read to students in the first week of school as a way to facilitate a class discussion about the importance of following the rules. This story will also help parents and teachers introduce children to the reason we have rules at school.

Kindergarten Bootcamp

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Children's early school experiences impact future school success and personal achievement. The kindergarten classrooms of our modern day education system are far different than those of ten or twenty years ago. Standards are much more rigorous and the expectations of kindergarten students today are far more complex and challenging, and many children start kindergarten unprepared. This book will explain, in detail, the expectations of kindergarten students today, and provide the reader with activities, tips, and examples to help prepare students for success in pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade. Topics covered in this book include the socioemotional, physical, and academic domains and each section is comprised of the skills students need to know in each domain. Each chapter concludes with a handy checklist that will allow readers to assess students' current level of readiness in each area.